Do You Water Grass Seed Right Away?

When you first lay grass seed it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. You might know the rules for watering a fully grown lawn like the back of your hand, but it is not uncommon for gardeners alike to struggle to know what to do for the best when it comes to grass seeds.

Water it too little and you risk the seeds not germinating. Water it too much and you risk waterlogged ground, fungus, and diseases.

Luckily for you, we are here with a bunch of your most frequently asked questions for all things grass seed related.

We will be exploring whether you need to water grass seed right away, as well as addressing how often it should be watered and whether natural moisture will be enough.

Do you water grass seed right away?

Yes, you should water grass seed right away. It is recommended that you water grass seed as soon as you have planted it. This will ensure that the ground will be adequately moist to help the seed to germinate.

If the ground is too dry, then there is a risk that your seeds will not grow and you will not get that luscious lawn you have been dreaming of. It is important to bear in mind that the first watering should not be a drizzle. Rather, you should soak the ground so that the first few inches of soil underneath are wet through.

Ensure all of the areas are wet, being sure not to leave in patches unwatered. This may result in bare patches on your lawn. This can be easy to do as it can be difficult to see exactly where you have watered.

For this reason, it may suit you to water in sections so that you can keep track of where you have watered and where you have not. This will also mean that you are less likely to miss sections.

It should also be noted at this point that it is recommended to water the ground before you plant the seeds too. A few days before, thoroughly soak the ground, ensuring around 6 to 8 inches are wet. You can check this by placing a clean stick, screwdriver, or pen into the ground.

A well-watered ground should allow you to press the tool in around 8 inches with no resistance. You should plant your seeds a few days later, watering again immediately after planting for around 5 to 10 minutes.

How often should you water a reseeded lawn?

You should water a reseeded lawn very often, ensuring it is constantly moist. A reseeded lawn must never be left to dry out. Allowing seeds to dry out will kill them. If this happens, you will have to begin the process again.

With this in mind, it is wise to water your lawn daily, especially if you are not experiencing any rainfall. Whilst you are waiting for the seeds to sprout, you can water them twice a day, once in the morning, before 10 am, and then once in the early evening whilst the sun is still out.

This will ensure that the water has ample time to soak the soil, without the heat from the sun evaporating it too quickly.

When the seed has sprouted and you have blades of grass, you should always ensure that the top few inches of the soil are wet. This may mean watering daily. You will soon get into a routine when your lawn has reached your desired height.

Remember, overwatering can also be harmful, and so you should exercise caution when the grass has sprouted to ensure there is no excess water that could cause disease, fungus, and pests.

Is morning dew enough for grass seed?

No, morning dew will not be enough for grass seed. The level of moisture that new grass seed needs, or indeed, a full lawn, will not be able to be met by morning dew.

Morning dew produces moisture, but not in enough volume to ensure the soil underneath your lawn gets a good soaking. As well as this, the sun will soon evaporate any moisture left by morning dew before the soil has had the chance to soak it up.

You need to ensure you water the soil regularly to ensure that your seeds germinate. It may be a good idea to water the ground whilst the morning dew is still down, and it is recommended that you water before 10 am, anyway, to give the water a good chance to soak in before the sun dries it out too much.

Remember, your seeds only get one chance at this. If they dry out too much then they will die and you will not get the lawn you desire. You will have to start the process again.

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