Should You Water the Lawn Every Day?

The watering habit of your lawn should be personalized according to where you live, the weather and climate, the type of grass your lawn has, and other factors. Each lawn is unique and will have its own needs in order to be as healthy and as green as possible.

However, as a general rule, it is best not to water your lawn every day. Instead, it is recommended that you water your lawn once or twice a week, depending on its needs.

But why shouldn’t you water your lawn every day? Well, if you’re watering your lawn every day, you’ll be doing it one of two ways:

  • Watering deeply every day:

If you’re watering your lawn every day, with the amount of water that would normally be used in a weekly watering session, then your grass is getting way too much water.

And overwatering your grass can be just as harmful as not watering it. Your grass might go brown, and if you continue on, it might even end up dying.

  • Shallow watering on a daily basis:

If you adapt to less amount of water, in order to water the lawn daily, you might think the problem is solved. But another issue arises. If you water your lawn frequently, with little water, then the roots grow weak. This means that they will become more vulnerable to heat, and they will be prone to drying out, and eventually also going brown.

So, as you can see, watering your lawn daily, will only lead to health issues for your grass. It is best to instead organize a weekly watering schedule so that your grass gets what it needs without being put at risk!

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How many minutes should you water your lawn?

Even if you’re watering your lawn the recommended amount once or twice per week, it’s also very important to know how long to water it for.

The amount of time your lawn is being watered will directly determine the amount of water that it receives, and it is vital to get this right.

If you’re watering your lawn deeply, once a week (as is recommended), then you need to give your grass approximately 1 inch of water (or 2 inches, depending on the grass type).

So what you need to figure out, is how long it takes for your sprinkler to provide around an inch and a half of water, and then that should be the amount of time it is left on to water the lawn.

To figure it out, you can leave the sprinkler on, aimed at a can or container. Measure it so that you know when the water gets to one inch. Obviously, you need to be timing this process, so that you then know how long it took, and apply it to your grass watering habits.

(Take into account, that during the summer season you will need to water the grass a bit more, so leave the sprinklers on for a little extra time! And the contrary applied to the winter seasons, or during rainy weeks.)

How many times a day should I water my lawn?

If you’ve been reading through the previous questions, you will now be aware that your lawn should not be watered daily, let alone multiple times a day.

This will cause the roots of the grass to weaken, and it will become prone to drying out and turning brown. And if it doesn’t, then it will at the very least begin to suffer from overwatering, which is equally as harmful.

Instead, you should water your lawn once (or twice at the most) every week.

But on the day that your lawn is due to be watered, when is the best time to do so?

The best time of day to water your lawn is early morning. This means that the grass can begin to absorb the water early in the day, and by nightfall, it should be completely dry. This is important because wet grass during the nighttime is more prone to getting infected with a grass disease or with a fungus.

Another reason for watering as early in the day as possible is that the grass will get the chance to absorb a lot more water before midday when it will likely begin to evaporate due to the heat. And this means you don’t have to use as much water in order to ensure the grass is getting enough!

So watering your lawn early in the morning saves you money as you need less water, and it also protects the grass from potentially getting a disease during the night!

How many times a week should I water my lawn?

When it comes to watering your lawn, the recommended schedule is once or twice a week, depending on the type of grass, and the weather conditions of your location.

For example, during the summer months, it is likely that your grass will need to be watered twice a week. But during the rest of the year, once a week should suffice.

What’s also important, is that if you’re watering your lawn once a week, you need to ensure you’re watering it the right amount of water. Your grass should be given around an inch, or an inch and a half total of water.

Should I water my lawn after mowing?

Watering the grass right after you’ve finished mowing it is always satisfying, as it gives your lawn that neat picture-perfect appearance. And watering right after mowing can also be really good for the grass, as it will feel like a fresh start.

However, you shouldn’t be altering the lawn’s watering routine just so that you can water it after mowing. Both mowing and watering should be done only when needed, and be kept within a regular schedule, which sometimes might not be in sync.

If you want to water the grass after mowing, then we recommend you choose to mow the lawn on the day that the grass is due for watering, early in the morning.

What is very important is that you don’t mow the lawn after watering. Otherwise, the wet blades of grass will stick together a lot easier and will be a lot more likely to clog up your mower and cause it to become blocked. Plus, it would be a waste of water to have it on the grass and then cut the grass up!

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