Can You Use Fungicide And Fertilizer At The Same Time?

If you’re looking to begin growing your own plants or flowers or looking to get optimum results whilst growing some plants or flowers in your yard without being affected by various factors, then look no further than this article as we’ll be guiding you through everything a plant lover or amateur gardener should know about preventing plant diseases to achieving beautiful flowers. 

can you use fungicide and fertilizer at the same time

To answer your initial question, yes fungicide and fertilizer can be used at the same time. Read on to find out more about when and why you should be using these products. 

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What is fungicide?

Fungicides are used to prevent the growth and kill any present fungi on plants but they are not effective against other diseases like bacteria or viral ones. 

Symptoms of plants having a fungal disease

The most common way to tell that your plant has a fungal disease is that it will appear to have white spots on the surface of the leaves or the stem. 

The leaves may also crinkle and the plant’s growth will be stunted. Another sign of fungal disease is that the leaves may turn yellow, however, this is also a common symptom of other problems with your plant. 

What is fertilizer?

A fertilizer, or sometimes known as plant food to amateur gardeners is used to enhance the growth and health of your plants.

Fertilizer can be made up of chemicals or naturally occurring matter and is available in liquid, granular, and water-soluble forms. You can also purchase compost from gardening centers with fertilizer already mixed in. 

You should always try to use a plant fertilizer to optimize the growth of your plants, this is because some soils will not be able to provide the essential nutrients that they need to grow properly. 

Symptoms of a plant that needs fertilizing

Some symptoms to look out for if your plants are not receiving enough nutrients from their soil or they need fertilizing are that the leaves on the plant will turn yellow and also begin to wilt lower down the plant.

You should also notice that your plant is struggling to grow past a certain point. 

However, it’s not always essential to fertilize your plant and some plants thrive without any fertilizer entirely.

If your plant is in a pot and can be moved around, try positioning them in different streams of sunlight, regulate your watering and also adjust the temperature of where the plant is positioned to see if that improves the growth. 

Can you use fungicide and fertilizer at the same time?

Yes, you can use fungicide and fertilizer at the same time.

There should be no major implications caused by using them both at the same time, however, if you’re using a fertilizer that requires diluting with water or needs to be watered afterward then it may rinse off the fungicide that you have already applied to the leaves of the plant so it may seem counterproductive.

To stay on the safe side and ensure effective results, leave a day or two between applying the fungicide or fertilizer, or instead, apply the fertilizer first and then spray the plant with a fungicide. 

What is an insecticide?

An Insecticide is a chemical that is used to kill insects that are living on your plants and will also prevent any from coming to eat them, these insects can include anything from insect eggs to large bugs.

An obvious signifier of an insect infestation or problem on your plants is that you’ll be able to see them there if you look closely.

However, some can live in the soil and be affecting the health of your plant through the roots. Some other signs to look out for are a sudden change in leaf color or texture, or if your leaves are becoming misshapen or shriveled. 

What is herbicide?

Herbicide is more commonly known to the average person as a weed killer. It is a substance that is used to kill unwanted vegetation like weeds.

You should try to apply pre-emergent herbicides in late winter or early spring to prevent the growth of weeds, however, do not apply these types of herbicides in the spring or summer as it will kill your healthy plants. 

Can you mix herbicide and insecticide?

Yes, it is considered safe and effective to mix herbicide and insecticide as long as the product instructions say so and the biological and chemical components of the products are compatible. 

Make sure the instructions on the containers of each herbicide and insecticide product allow them to be tank mixed, otherwise you could end up destroying your plants. 

Some brands may also sell a pre-mixed container of both herbicide and insecticide to prevent customers from having to research the guidelines on using them both together. 

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